Gus Garcia Young Men's Leadership Academy

Bell Schedule

A/B schedule w/ Alternating Fridays

Arrival 8:20
Advisory 8:25-9:00 25min
1st/5th 9:05-10:25 80min
2nd/6th 10:30-11:50 80min
Lunch 11:50-12:50 60min
3rd/7th 12:55-2:15 80min
4th/8th 2:20-3:45 80min
Dismissal 3:51
Arrival 8:20  
Advisory 8:20-9:00 40 min
1st/5th period (Synchronous) 9:05-10:05
1st/5th period (Asynchronous) 10:05-10:25
2nd/6th period (Synchronous) 10:30-11:30
2nd/6th period (Asychronous) 11:30-11:50
A/B lunch 11:50-12:50 1hr
3rd/7th period (Synchronous) 12:55-1:55
3rd/7th period (Asyschronous) 1:55-2:15
4th/8th period (Sychronous) 2:20-3:20
4th/8th period (Asychronous) 3:20-3:45
Dismiss 3:51

Dr. Carr is coordinating Lunches w/ Teaching Assistants

Lunch A (Bell 11:50)-Cafeteria Lunch B (Bell 12:00)-Gym Location
TA's- Hearn, Carpenter, Esquivel TA's-Mendez, De Alba, Perez Cafeteria
Activities Group B Activities Group A Locations
TA's-Mendez, De Alba, Perez TA's- Hearn, Carpenter, Esquivel Gym
* A bell at 11:50 will ring for students to be released for the A group lunch.
*A second bell will ring at 12:00 to release students that are designated for B lunch.
-Lunch A consist of all Bule and down stairs YELLOW
-Lunch B consist of upstairs yellow and all electives
-Lunch A collapse at 11:50 bell to designated rooms ( please walk kids to cafeteria)
-Lunch B collapse at 12:00 bell and walk kids to Gym
-Once teachers escort students to the poper areas they can begin their lunches & additional planning time.
-12:50 (All teachers back in class A lunch group students released)
-12:53 (B lunch group released back to classes)