Annual Tie Ceremony

Gus Garcia Young Men's Leadership Academy held their annual Tie Ceremony where students learn how to properly wear their school uniform. Staff, seventh- and eighth-graders worked with sixth-graders to ensure students feel successful walking into school each day with a perfectly tied tie.

"Working with social and emotional learning, I think the word 'brotherhood' encompasses all of that: taking care of one and each other. You heard a couple of our students say, it means that 'when a student's in trouble, I'm going to be that active voice for them. If I see something that's not right, I'm going to be that active voice.' It's something that we hope carries out into the community and into their life experiences that sets up a good example for them," said Jose Mejia, Principal at Gus Garcia YMLA. 

Watch a recap of the 6th grade tie ceremony below!