Progressing to High School

Gus Garcia men that successfully complete their middle school program generally track to either LBJ Early College High School or Northeast Early College High School.

Early College High School offers students the opportunity to take college courses alongside their high school studies, potentially giving you the opportunity to graduate high school with both your high school diploma and an associate degree. What's more, this is offered tuition-free!

Both schools offer a wide range of courses that you can learn more about on the Northeast ECHS or LBJ ECHS websites.

If you've developed an interest in either Computer Science or Health Science from your elective programs at Garcia, both high schools offer the Career Launch program. Career Launch 'Careers in Technology' is offered at Northeast Early College High School in partnership with Dell and Austin Community College, and 'Careers in Health Science' is offered at LBJ Early College High School in partnership with Seton Healthcare Family and Austin Community College.

Career Launch provides students with the opportunity to earn an associate degree, undertake internships at either Dell or Seton and offers the opportunity of a guaranteed job interview upon completion of the program.