Language Arts

The Gus Garcia YMLA English Language Arts (ELA) Department fosters critical and independent thinking skills through close readings of novels and texts. By exposing the young men to a variety of genres, students are able to demonstrate comprehension through Thinking Maps and daily Reading Journals.

We also offer Pre-AP courses where students are pushed to be their best academic self, reaching beyond the provided curriculum to achieve a deeper understanding of literay works.

Assignments are differentiated to meet students' needs while allowing them to demonstrate their understanding of a text. Their learning includes:

  • Whole class novel studies
  • Collaborative, project-based activities
  • Peer tutors
  • Cornell Notes
  • Inclusion model to assist whole class and individual needs
  • BLEND (Canvas) & Google classroom
  • Interactive Reading Journals
  • Foldables
  • Analytical essay writing

Through these strategies, the ELA department creates a positive learning environment that supports student leadership and student centered learning. Our students are challenged daily to meet the high expectations given by their teachers.

We meet daily in a Professional Learning Community where we collaborate to ensure that the lessons are rigourous and aligned with state standards, and meet our students' needs.