The Gus Garcia Math Department creates a culture of responsibility and accountability within the classroom by building strong relationships with every young man.

We create an environment that prepares our students for academic and life success through engaging, student-centered activities that are standards (research)-based and technology-oriented.

Student learning includes:

  • Class competitions that reinforce professionalism in young men;
  • Exercises to help students understand financial terminology, how to balance a checking account and the effects of borrowing and college financing;
  • Critical thinking drills that help students learn how to problem-solve;
  • Inclusion models to help whole class and individual needs; and
  • Dynamic classrooms that include activities such as scavenger hunts, game-based learning and QR coding.

Our team collaborates daily through Professional Learning Communities, which helps us prepare students to meet TEKS and additional state academic standards, and aligns our young men for success beyond their Gus Garcia experience.

Students are encouraged to use additional resources such as Nearpod, Kahoot, IXL and Think Through Math to strengthen their skills and improve their overall math performance.