The Gus Garcia Science Department uses a safety-conscious teaching approach embedded with critical-thinking techniques, team- and relationship-building opportunities, and hands-on experiences. Through the use of technology, we teach students to better understand the natural world and how their actions affect their communities and the environment. Each classroom focuses on a sense of brotherhood and collaboration through student leadership. Our instructional techniques for every student include the following:

  • Interactive notebooks that are personal science textbooks created by each student
  • Project-based learning methods that use collaborative, inquiry-based exercises to reinforce TEKS guidelines
  • Experiment labs that enable hands-on activities to reinforce content and encourge retention
  • Technology is used for research, presentations, and student-led discussion

Students are encouraged to use additional resources such as Edusmart, Edmodo, Google classroom and Nearpod to enhance rigor and prepare them for a technologically advanced society.